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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution has expanded over the last several years and has become an important step in the dispute resolution process especially in the Indian market.

We provide extensive alternative dispute resolution services. Our Firm assists clients with resolution of disputes in all areas of general and special practices in a broad range of industrial sectors including Oil and Gas, Power, Mining, Construction and Infrastructure, Real Estate, Entertainment and Media, Banking and Finance, Aviation, Insurance and Reinsurance, International Finance, International Investments, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Telecommunications, etc. Drawing on past successful cases, the firm is well equipped to handle litigations of complex nature in the country. The Firm can boast of several landmark decisions which have been pronounced in the litigations handled by the Firm. At the same time, the Firm usually keeps in mind the time and costs associated with court processes and the value to businesses of resolving disputes amicably and therefore, wherever possible, the Firm endeavors to achieve such resolution of disputes for its clients, without proceeding with formal long drawn litigations.

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